Presale, On Request or Paid Reservation

This item is sold under the particular conditions Presale, On Request or Paid Reservation:

- The price given is the approximate possible and can be modified at the time that product availability is confirmed. In case of changes, the client may decide whether to annul the sale (with a full refund of the amount paid), or to pay the remaining amount. If the price is lower, we will proceed to direct payment of the difference.

- The availability date is provided by the supplier approximately. If extended the deadline, the customer may cancel or retain their reservation if you prefer.

- Foto Ruano reserved the first units to customers who have purchased the product under one of these modalities. Always with priority over bookings made in store and unpaid.

- The client does not resign at any time to existing laws that protect you as the right to withdrawal and the limited warranty coverage.

- For any questions about these conditions, you can contact us from the contact section.